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Reentry and restorative justice job readiness training
and placement services for low-risk to moderate-risk offenders.



The spread of crime and violence throughout our communities is a national crisis. Concern about this crisis is widely shared by federal, state, and local government officials and by the public.  In recent years, this concern has grown with the dramatic rise in juvenile violence, particularly homicides. 

The U.S. Department of Justice Statistics show approximately 900,000 inmates are released from prison annually.  Research has shown that 77% of offenders within this population will commit another crime within 3 months to 3 years after release.

Further, research by “Harry Holzer has shown, employers are more reluctant to hire ex-offenders than any other disadvantaged group. Employers are concerned that ex-offenders lack skills and work history and may not be trustworthy. They fear liability for negligent hiring. Employers’ willingness to hire ex-offenders is also influenced by the type of industry and position, the type and severity of crime committed by the job applicant, and work experience since release from prison. In many states, the easy availability of criminal history data may also present a barrier to employment.” [1] 


If these offenders are not given an opportunity to understand the causes of their dysfunctional behaviors that led to incarceration; learn skills to overcome difficulties; and develop new skills to compete for employment, they are, as studies have shown, more likely to recidivate within three (3) months to three (3) years after their release.



2ndChance understands the key to deterring crime, and the recidivism epidemic plaguing our communities is a collective effort to implement preventative and early intervention programming in our school systems as well as rehabilitative programming and services in juvenile detention centers, pre-release centers, jails and prisons across our great nation.


2ndChance Employment acts as an intermediary agency for employers and our clients. We mitigate employers concerns by educating them about:


1.      2CE job readiness and skills training, including, résumé development, interviewing and dress code;  

2.      2CE participant random drug testing the duration of the program; 

3.      2CE basic employment policies and procedures education; 

4.      how and where to hire qualified ex-offenders;  

5.      tax incentives, including bonding, offered by the government;  

6.      preparing a workforce trained in both soft and technical skills; and 

7.      providing twelve (12) months of job retention support after hire. 


2ndChance commits to this unified effort by offering:







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[1]Criminal Justice Institute, Employment of Ex-Offenders: Employer Perspectives, October 31, 2006.